Reiff Manufacturing has manufactured over 1,000 shelters, over 500 of which are in Alaska in some of the most extreme conditions and environments the Federal Government can place them. Our shelters have been transported by Blackhawk choppers, Boeing Heavy Lift choppers, C-130 Hercules aircraft, to live in areas where they are otherwise unassailable.

All of Our Shelters Are Built to Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions:

  • Designed to withstand 250 MPH winds

  • 100+ lb./sq. ft. Roof Snow Load

  • Certified - Seismic zone 4 (Alaska location for many of our shelters which is the most seismically active in the world).

  • 200+ lb./sq. ft. floor load, easily increasable to 300, 400, 500+ psf

  • Shelters certified with FAA for all design loads - see FAA shelter pics below

  • 2000 psi bond strength powder coated steel skid with lifting eyes to anchor your shelter!

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