Metal Fabrication


Reiff Manufacturing has over 30 years experience in custom and production-line metal fabrication.  Our metal employees are all AWS certified welders (certificates available upon request) and have extensive experience in steel, stainless steel and aluminum welding and fabrication.  We provide very high quality products that are thoughtfully designed and well-built.  We have plenty of experience in many different coatings including but not limited to hot-dip galvanized, powder coating, alkyd enamel, and immersion rated coatings.  We can media blast to any level of the SSPC standards the job requires.


Structural Steel Fabrication:


  • Structural steel fabrication for buildings and pole buildings

  • Steel framed enclosures

  • Production line levers and latches for enclosure doors

  • Stairways (multi-story) and landings


Fish Hatchery / Aquaculture Fabrications:


  • Walkways

  • Railings

  • Fish crowders

  • Elevators

  • Sorting tables

  • Brail lifts

  • Crowders

  • Dewatering screens

  • Diffuser screens

  • Gratings

  • Jump Screens

  • Many other items which support hatchery processes.


Please call us today and don’t be afraid to ask about our ability to help you design your next project; our team can model, test, specify and report, and our engineer can stamp (WA, OR, ID, and AK) your project for a turn-key solution when you need it.

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