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Reiff Manufacturing Shelters




The Reiff Shelter is built differently than most shelter manufacturers.  Reiff Manufacturing goes well beyond a standard  shoebox method of construction. 

Smooth Inner gelcoat layer, 1/8” fiberglass inner wall, class 1 fire retardant resin, textured smooth, inner wall with metal or wood framework on 24” centers and structural foam insulation and 3/4” Plywood OSB wall backing for easy hanging. 1/8” fiberglass external layer, gelcoated with urethane clear coat exterior for durability and ease of cleaning.  Floor construction is wood or metal framing on 16” centers, ¾” T&G subflooring with 1/8” fiberglass floor, gray with clear coat for ease of cleaning (texture included for non-skid surface).  Shelter exterior gelcoated with your choice of color; urethane clear coat for UV durability and ease of cleaning.  C4x6.25 lb powder coated steel channel skid for lifting/anchoring shelter to foundation.


The clear coat method is identical to the method used by car manufacturers to increase the life of automobile paint.  Very few if any shelter manufacturers clear coat their product for ease of cleaning and durability of color.

The floor structure is framed in using true 2x6 floor joists on 16" center.  Additional joists can be added for increased floor tolerance.  The floor bottom (shelter bottom) is covered with a minimum 3/16" fiberglass with 10 oz knit fiberglass around corners and edges for extra sealing and support.  The floor surface is also 1/8" fiberglass, gelcoated gray, and urethane clear coated for appearance and ease of cleaning.

A 4" channel steel skid is welded in an "H" frame construction.  Number of "H" sections is determined by the size of shelter.  The skid is powder coated, not merely painted, with 2000 PSI bond strength powder coating.  We DO NOT lag screw the skid to the floor.  The skid is bolted to steel L-brackets in the 2x6 framework of the floor using Grade 5 Stainless Steel hardware.  Carriage bolts are welded to the L-brackets for additional hold on the floor.

The shelter structure is laminated on to the floor structure with minimum 1/4" fiberglass.  The final structure is a strong and rigid one-piece unit, with extreme weather tolerances, engineering tested and FAA Approved.

As a result of the methods above shaped by years of improvements, our shelter is of the highest quality available.  In addition, we can expedite your shelter production to help you meet your deadlines while still satisfying your budget.  We know what it takes to make the best shelter.

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