Why Fiberglass? See the toughness and the quality repair ability of a Reiff shelter


This is an 8x8 Shelter that was shipped to King Cove, Alaska.  Before the shelter could be anchored to it's foundation, it was hit by a 150 mph wind.  The wind knocked the shelter on it's side, caused it to slide 300 feet down a street, and hit a cut tree stump.  Aside from the puncture in the corner from the tree stump and the scratches from sliding, the shelter was undamaged.  The door opened perfectly as before, and nothing inside the shelter was damaged or even distorted, save the glass fluorescent lights.



The scratches and punctures in the shelter were easily repaired, and it currently sits at King Cove, Alaska and will stay in perfect condition for decades to come.  Our shelters are rated at 250 mph wind load, 90 psf snow load, and are certified for Seismic Zone 4.  Be assured that our shelters are certified and tested in the real world to handle all of the stress you can throw at them.

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