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Shelter Options and Accessories


Reiff has many options available for your shelter needs.  Many shelter manufacturers simply produce basic shelters and you have to equip your shelter the way you need it.  We can offer solutions that include but are not limited to wave guide entries, cable trays, work tables (static and fold down), windows, cabinets, bulkheads, heavy duty electrical requirements, sinks, and many other options.

Standard Shelters

  • 250 MPH wind load, 100 psf snow load

  • 1/8" textured fiberglass interior with plywood backing

  • Steel or wood framework

  • Polyisocyanurate solid foam insulation 7.9R's per inch

  • 1/8" outer fiberglass layer

  • Plywood backing on roof fiberglass for additional impact resistance

  • True 2x6 floor framework for 200 psf floor load (increasable to +500lbs psf)

  • Solid Fiberglass flooring for complete sealing and high impact resistance

  • 4" structural grade channel skid, coated

  • Lifting eyes and tie down washers

  • All shelter penetrations provided

  • Decades of experience in the harshest environments in the world:

  • Alaska

  • Egypt, Afghanistan

  • Guam, Chile, Cambodia

  • Aleutians, Bearing Sea, many others

  • ICAO Compliance (color, frangibility)

  • Containerizable sizes for easy ocean haul

Shelter Options

  • FAA Compliant

  • NEC Compliant

  • Basic to turnkey

  • Generator packages

  • Custom exterior wraps / designs

Complete HVAC Available

  • Ventilation Packages

  • Basic air conditioners

  • Complete climate control

  • Lead-lag for multiple units

  • We can size your system to fit


  • Loading at factory

  • Delivery to dock or site

  • Delivery complete to remote site

  • Offloading available

  • International

Laboratory applications available including sinks, countertops, living quarters, beds, plumbing, toilet, windows, and many other options available.


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•Climate ControlPHOTOS&INFO

•surge suppression unitPHOTOS&INFO

•door placementPHOTOS&INFO

•cable traysPHOTOS&INFO

•lighting systemsPHOTOS&INFO


•cabinets, electric toilet, window, cabinets, etc.PHOTOS&INFO

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