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Fish Transport Tanks

Simply put, we build the finest fish transport tank you can buy - anywhere. We have been building these for decades, and have shipped them all over the world.

After years of building fish transport tanks, we have refined our process based on customer review, advice from our engineering team, and the crew in production. We've perfected our product, and we have reached a pinnacle where there is not anything we know of to improve upon - though we're always open to ideas, and all of our tanks are custom, so even through we use our process of aluminum interior encapsulated in insulation, and then encapsulated in fiberglass, we are constantly making dimensional changes, outlet changes, etc.

We have hundreds and hundreds of tanks on the market, with Federal, State and Tribal hatcheries, and a few of the very most professional fish farmers. Reiff fish transport tanks are the Rolls Royce of the industry.

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